Vaughn Randall “untitled” / mischief

In September 2018, this large-scale cast-iron outdoor sculpture was damaged while on view in Scranton, PA. The piece, which had been temporarily installed along the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail as part of the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, was ripped from its base and pushed down a hill into a water-filled ditch. It was bent and cracked in several pieces, and was likely damaged beyond repair.

Adding insult to injury, Randall had just sold the sculpture to a buyer in Minnesota, but when he came to load up the work, he couldn’t find it.“I was a little confused. At first, I thought maybe someone had stolen it which maybe would be better,” said Randall. "I’m pretty sure the client doesn’t want a sculpture that was thrown into a ditch, so probably the sale’s a wash.“

Christopher Schreck