Multiple works by multiple artists / protestors

In August 2013, an exhibition of works by Indian and Pakistani artists was attacked while on view at Amdavad-ni-Gufa gallery in Ahmedabad, India. According to witnesses, a group of roughly 20 men stormed the exhibition and began attacking the pieces on view, as well as destroying furniture and tearing posters from windows.

According to reports, the men were allegedly associated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajarang Dal organizations. The activists were reportedly angry that an Indian gallery was promoting the work of Pakistani artists following recent skirmishes on the LoC. "How can paintings of Pakistani artists be allowed to be on display here when that country is beheading and killing our soldiers, waging a proxy war?“ VHP Gujarat unit general secretary Ranchhod Bharvad said. Asked whether VHP activists had ransacked the gallery, he replied, "Our workers registered a strong protest.”

Christopher Schreck