Multiple paintings by Andy Warhol, unnamed sculptures / bad first date

In December 2017, numerous works of art, including two Warhol originals and a pair of unnamed sculptures, were damaged in the home of Houston attorney/art collector Tony Buzbee.

On the evening of December 23, Buzbee was on a first date with Lindy Layman, a Houston-based court reporter. After returning to his home, Buzbee called an Uber for Layman, who was visibly intoxicated and became agitated, refusing to leave. After a second Uber driver was called, Layman tore numerous paintings off the wall (including two original Warhols), threw them to the floor and poured red wine onto both canvases. She also threw numerous sculptures across the room, damaging them in the process. (She also removed paintings by Monet and Renoir from the wall, but those were left intact.)

Layman was charged with criminal mischief. There was no initial word as to whether the damaged artworks could be restored.

Christopher Schreck